I work 60 hours a week and always feel tired. I try to eat right and exercise but can't everyday. What can I do to help?

How is your sleep? 90 percent of those with sleep disorder dont know they have it. For patients like your self I always recommend they review their sleep quality. Do they snore, do they stop breathing at night, do they feel refreshed in the morning, do they have a tendency to fall asleep during the day, are they overweight? If the answer is yes, they very well might have sleep apnea, if so an ENT visit can help.
Hard worker. Well, one obvious answer is to not work so much! If you are eating right and getting exercise, make sure your life is balanced with good sleep and rest (not necessarily sleep). Also make sure you include pleasurable activities, like hobbies.
Adrenal support. Take adhs (vasopressin) 2 pills in the morning to support adrenals - will take away fatigue.