I'm 23, &have terrible "bathroom" issues-abdominal pain, difficulty going, &when I do its 3-4 days apart, small&painful. Drink water&good diet. Suggestion?

More water. Everyone thinks they drink enough fluids, but for a couch potato you need 80-100 ounces per day of non caffeinated fluid, decaf does not count. If you excercise regularly you need more fluids than that to compensate for additional losses. If you do this for 2 weeks with no improvement, you need to see a GI doctor or colon and rectal surgeon for evaluation.
Several... Get thyroid checked. U may have thyroid issue even if bloodwork normal. Also, magnesium is helpful and is a common mineral deficiency. Also probiotic, broad spectrum with 10-20 billion potency once or twice daily. Vitamin c is helpful at higher doses. Be consistent. Better to be proactive than to react to the problem once there. Also get checked for igg food reactions that cause GI inflammation.