What is treatment for croop?

If mild. Croup is usually mild illness managed at home. Help with cool m?ist, placing child near vaporizerI if you do not have a cool mist vaporizer, even a simple humidifier in child’s bedroom may be helpful. Seek ER if cool mist not clearing up stridor in 15 minutes, repeated episodes of stridor or trouble breathing child’s chest or stomach retracting, bluish lips,lethargy,drooling,neck pain,stiffness.
Croup. Although, like most viral infections, there is no cure for croup, there are many treatments that can help improve the symptoms and make your child feel better.Common treatments include using humidified air, which can be delivered by a cool mist humidifier.Other treatments can include using a fever reducer (acetaminophen or Ibuprofen containing products) and/or a non-narcotic cough syrup.
Croup. Croup is a "bark like" cough often caused by a virus and should get better in a few days. Treatment is supportive including rest, keeping hydrated (plenty of fluids), at times humidifiers can help, ...Or running the hot water in the bathroom to steam it up and then sitting in the steamy bathroom for 10 minutes or so with your child. See dr. If perisits, ggod luck.