Diastolic heart failure I have been recently diagnosed with diastolic heart failure. What can I do to prolong my life? Can I slow the thickening?

Diastolic failure. In order to do the best you can with diastolic heart failure, you need to take your medicines as order, follow a low salt diet, and get exercise as tolerated by you. In contrast to systolic heart failure, we don't have drugs which have proven to prolong life for this type of failure.
Yes, somewhat. Main cause of diastolic heart failure is high bp. You can lower this by decreasing salt intake, increasing exercise, avoiding alcohol, cold medications, stimulant medications, and taking antihypertensives. In addition, you should be checked for sleep apnea, and coronary ischemia. There are other causes - such as infiltrative diseases of the heart that cannot be greatly altered by these methods.