Can I drink coffee five hours after a tooth extraction and with new partial dentures?

Be careful. After a tooth extraction be careful eating and drinking liquids. The extraction site needs to heal properly and be left undisturbed and as clear of debris. Consult your dentist to determine what is allowable under your situation.
Yes. If still numb make sure it is not too hot.
Yes. Sure, just be sure it is not too hot. You want to protect the developing clot for healing.
Not hot . Normally i tell my patients that they may not drink any hot liquids for 24 hrs following an extraction. The hot liquid may dissolve the blood clot in the socket, exposes the bone, and lead to a dry socket. No fun. You may try to keep it away from extraction site but you run the risk of complications. Drink ice coffee if you need it.
Be patient 24 h. Stay away from hot liquids (soup, coffee, tea) for 24 hours because they tend to dissolve blood clots.
It should be OK... It should be ok unless you have excessive bleeding or any other unusual post operative complication. Make sure it's not too hot and try to keep it away from the extraction site as much as possible. Always follow your own dentist's instructions as he\she is most aware of your particular circumstances. Ask if you are not sure.

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