I am having suxrh a hard time losing weight and am about to give up. Is there a pill out there that can help me lose weight.?

Yes. Phentermine helps appetite suppression and may boost metabolism. Naltrexone, topiramate, bupropion, zonisamide, victoza, (liraglutide) Byetta all suppress appetite. Alli helps. There are other agents as well. They must be used in combination to work and must be used chronically.
Yes, I agree with dr.Wasser.Success occurs when the physician is an expert in using of weight meds. That physician will do a history and physical, labwork, ekg, get your old medical records and make sure that you are a suitable candidate for the appropriate weight medication{s]. If the physician is inexperienced using weight meds and and taking care of the obese/overweight pt. Find a new doc.