How serious is a CIN 3 cervical dysplasia for a woman in her 20's?

Needs follow-up! Cin 3 cervical dysplasia means pre-cancerous cells were found on your pap smear. It's caused by hpv, a virus. The next step is a "colposcopy", which means a doctor looks at your cervix with a microscope after putting vinegar on it. Sounds weird, but the vinegar makes early cancer turn white so it can be removed. This will ensure you don't get cervical cancer later! don't be scared... Just get treated! to learn from other women with this, go to: https://www.Inspire.Com/groups/national-cervical-cancer-coalition/discussion/cin-3-scared/.
See below. Cin3 is always something that needs to be discussed with the doctor, and almost always treated. There are highly effective treatments, so in that sense is not "serious".