I'm a CF carier and my husband isnt and was wondering how long does it take to get pregnant? (implanon removed end of july)

85% by one year. Chance for conception in couples trying to get pregnant is ~20% per month - ~50% of couples pregnancy by 6 months, ~85% pregnant by one year. Cf carrier status is usually not a factor in trying to conceive (exception may be if the male partner has no sperm due to congenital absence of the vas deferens, which is associated with cf).
Up to 18 months. If you have normal menstrual cycles, your cystic fibrosis carrier status likely has little effect on your fertility. However, it can take a normal couple up to 18 months to achieve a conception, even when everything is perfectly normal. Because you are a CF carrier (and your partner is not), there is a 50% chance your children will also be carriers of the CF gene.