Can I use abuterol sulfat and infant Advil (ibuprofen) with my 8 months old? He is wheezing and his head is a little bit hot (forehead 101f for 2 days straight).

Yes. You can use both medications. It is advisable to treat the fever when it is more than 101, and to follow up with your physician. Keeping the baby well hydrated and using the albuterol for hacking cough and wheezing helps to relieve bronchospasm. At this age a spacer device or nebulizer is used to help deliver the medication to the lungs. If the fever or cough/wheezing persists, please see your M.D.
Call his Peds Dr. Likely ok, if he has known wheeze source, but should talk w/his dr at least so is aware of what is going on. If new wheeze, should be checked out, particularly w/fever for cpl days.