If I already have low blood sugar should I be taking metformin?

Depends. If you mean you have diabetes and because of your other diabetes meds you have occasional lows, then those meds should be adjusted but you can still be on metformin (which does not cause lows). If you mean you don't have high bgs ever/not a diabetic, then no, u don't need metformin.
Depends. Why are you on metformin? Do you take other meds for diabetes? Have you been diagnosed with diabetes? When is your blood sugar low? Sometimes pre-diabetics have fluctuating blood sugar levels. Has your doc done a A1c test that shows your average sugar level for past 3 months? Consult with doc about sugar, diabetes, & metformin (which usually does not cause hypoglycemic episodes.

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If I have high insulin and low blood sugar. Is metformin the best recommended drug for my condition?

Likely. High insulin, or hyperinsulinemia, may be due to Insulin resistance. Metformin is helpful for most women with Insulin resistance, along with proper nutrition, exercise, and weight management. If you are trying to conceive or have pcos along with high insulin, be sure to see a board certified reproductive endocinologist! Read more...