I had a torn meniscus. Treated with arthroscopic surgery. Meniscus related complaints resolved but I now. Have new complaints. Normal?

More Specific. There are a few causes for continued or different systems following arthroscopic partial menisectomy. If the symptoms are pain in the front of your knee you likely need to see a pt to rehab the knee. If you have contined or intermittent swelling it may be related to pre-existing arthritis which may be treated by injections. Discuss your symptoms with your surgeon as they would best be able to help.
Maybe. You don't say what your new complaints are. You can get post op swelling and inflammation.
Can happen. Surgery on a torn meniscus has a predictable result if that is your only problem. Oftem it is associated as you ger older or have a severe injury with arthritis or injuries to other structures like your ligament(s) esp. Acl. Sometimes with incomplete rehabilitation you can have weakening of the muscles that guide the patella and end up with kneecap pain.