I got a wisdom tooth pulled today around 930 am the dentist didn't give me stitches. I'm still bleeding? Is that normal?

Yes. Whether or not a stitch is used or not after the removal of a tooth is a decision made by your dentist/surgeon based upon the procedure required to remove the wisdom tooth. Postoperative bleeding will vary from individual to individual and can usually be controlled with gentle biting pressure on gauze sponges. Expect to have some blood tinged saliva during the first 24 hours.
Normal . Most wisdom teeth extractions do not require stitches. If you are still bleeding, bite gently on a wet tea back. The tannins in the tea will help you to stop bleeding. Make sure you stay down today and limit activity. Do not suck or smoke and don't spit. It is normal to have oozing for the first two days. Call your dentist if you see bright pink blood.
Tooth extraction. Suture are not always needed. Try stopping it with direct pressure such biting on a most teabag for no less than 30 minutes. Unless you have significant medical problems that should do it. If continues call the dentist.
Yes. Stitches are used primarily to close a wound and stop bleeding. They are only occasionally needed after tooth removal. Pressure with the sterile gauze provided will stop most bleeding. If it continues more than s couple of hours after surgery or "looks like you were shot in a movie", contact the surgeon for information and help. Oozing or pink saliva is normal for several days.