Can you get pimples on your genital area?

Sure. 'pimples' in the genital area are generally not related to acne. Usually they represent a blocked sweat duct. Risks include poor hygiene, unclean underwear and shaving the hair. Stis, especially herpes, can be the cause. Larger 'pimples' could represent a sebaceous cyst. Women can develop bartholin's or skene's cysts. Rare autoimmune dx's present with genital bumps, hidradenits suppurativa.
Yes. Pimples are just clogged sweat glands associated with hair follicles and these are present all over the body.

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Is it normal for an 18 year old male to get occasional pimples in his genital area?

Yes. the hair follicles in the genital area can become pimples at all ages. It is quite normal. The sweat glands associated with the hair follicles have bacteria that cause white blood cells to invade the area and cause pimples. Good hygiene down there can help prevent pimple formation, such as cleaning with soap. Best of health to you. Read more...

I have little lumps around my genital area a bit like pimples what is it really and what can I do to help get rid of them im male too?

Tough to say. Rashes and generally skin conditions such as "pimple like bumps" can not be diagnosed over the computer and a Clinical examination really needs to take place to properly diagnose you. There are too many possible things they could be, so see the Doc and get a good Exam to get the proper diagnoses so the right Treatment can start, best wishes. Read more...