Related Questions

If I'm battling an infection and my resting heart beat is 70-72 is that ok?

Family practice. That is a normal heart rate. I'm not sure how that is related to your situation however. Please give more details.

Is 108 a good heart beat?

Need info. 108 is too high resting for an adult, fine exercising but can be normal for children.
Depends on situation. Resting heart rates normally fall between 60-100. If the heart rate is rapid, or greater than 100, it's considered a "tachycardia". Changes in rate brought about by variations in activity, diet, medication and age are normal and common. When a heart begins to race for no apparent reason, however, it can be a sign of an abnormality in the electrical pathway and is cause for evaluation. See PCP.

What is the recommend heart beat?

Heart rate. The normal heart rate at rest is 60-100 bpm. It goes faster with exertion, anxiety, stress, and medications or foods, like caffeine. It goes slower with rest and is usually the slowest during sleep. Athletic conditioning can also naturally lower your resting heart rate, sometimes down into the 40's and 50 bpm's. See your doctor if you're concerned your heart rate is too fast or slow.

What the ideal # for heart beat?

Individual. "normal" range of heart rate is 60 - 100. Many highly trained athletes have lower heart rates and are perfectly fine. The best answer is where the heart is supplying enough blood to the rest of the body to keep from feeling lightheaded or having other symptoms, and not too fast either.