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Red spot on left breast almost on the areola. Just appeared 2 days ago. Tender to touch, itches and alittle warm. Could it be a bug bite? Or see a dr?

Possible bug bite. Could be bug bite or folliculitis. If it gets worse or begins to hurt see your doctor. You could be seeing early signs of mastitis (inflammation of the breast).

My left breast has red spots kinda like whelps right above the areola and it itches really bad. What could this be?

Itchy Breast. Paget's disease of the nipple is a rare form of breast cancer and on the surface, has the same symptoms of nipple eczema: crusty, scaling rash with the sensation of burning and itchiness. It usually occurs on just one nipple, so if the rash on just one nipple persists, it is best to get a thorough exam for the peace of mind. I usually time it with my annual gynecology exam.

Nipple itches & can squeeze clear fluid out of. 14 weeks postpartum didnt breastfeed. Same thing occurred w/ last baby. Only left breast. What is it?

Prolactin. Just because you didn't breastfeed doesn't shut off the flw of hormones that stimulate lactation. It is a bit unusual to see elevated hormone levels this far out from delivery. See your OB and get some hormone levels checked if this symptom bothers you - it should go away over time.

I got skin growth under left breast during my pregnancy and its growing. Its now half cm in 2 yrs. Looks uneven. Red, bubbly. Twice in 1 yr itches. Harmful?

Not likely. When there is friction between to areas of skin you can develop a "skin tag". they are common at the neck, arm pit, groin, and under the breast (particularly with heavier breasts) They can be easily removed.
See a doctor. Based on your description, a fungal infection commonly known as "tinea" would be most likely, particularly if you have pendulous breasts, as the warm environment underneath the breast makes it more likely for a fungal infection to grow. However, if it has been there that long and is growing, there is strong consideration for immediate biopsy which would require in-person consultation.

I have a swollen left breast that is painful, with nipple discharge & blood, it itches, and lymph node under armpit is tender...see my PCP or ER.?

Call your PCP. You should call your PCP and be seen on Monday morning. They should reefer you to a breast specialist for evaluation.
Pcp. PCP. Chances are Er will send you to your PCP if not acutely sick otherwise. If unable to get in fast, would recommend Urgent Care.
Be seen today. This sound like a mastitis which is an infection in the breast tissue. If you can see your PCP today then go there but if not then the ER or convient care center.

My left breast itches, and some yellow discharge. What is it? What do I have?

Breast Infection. See your doctor to examine for an infection or other condition.
Hard to know. You need to be examined by a competent physician, diagnosed and treated. This will probably turn out to be a simple infection, but if more serious they will be able to deal with it effectively. Go see somebody soon and get better. Good luck.

I am 29 and I have has 3 breast core biopsies. All which were fibroadenomas. But lately off and on my left Breast Itches badly. What could that mean?

Skin not breast. Itching is a symptom which arises from the skin, rather than from the breast (milk) glands under the skin. It is almost never an isolated symptom of cancer. Large-breasted women may develop irritation and itching from moisture collecting between breast and chest. If you have redness of breast, edema of the skin, or a breast lump see a doctor soon.
Probably Nothing but. I would advise seeing your physician and having an evalaution. Many things can cuae breast itching, but a significant one is breast cancer.