What is about vitamin d?

Vitamin. Not sure what the question is about, exactly. It is a vitamin; marked deficiency causes rickets, lesser deficiencies cause abnormalities in several organ systems, including diarrhea and bone metabolism.
For Bones and more. VitaminD is necessary for proper absorption of calcium which is essential for development of bones in children&maintainance of good bones and prevent Osteoporosis in adults.Besides that we are finding now that adequate amount of VitD in blood is needed to have strong immune system&prevention of other medical conditions like cardiovascular diseases and cancers.In children deficiency causes.
I'll try. We need it to get the calcium into the bone matrix, and to handle some other things including maintaining blood vessel integrity (this is newly figured out). With vegetarian and limited-sun-exposure lifestyles, vitamin d deficiency is widespread and accounts for much misery ("total body pain") which is generally misdiagnosed or ignored. Ur doc can check levels; think of supplementing if ur at risk.