Every time I go running it triggers my allergies really bad. Is there any way I can go running without having to deal with allergies afterwards?

Allergy. Though not disagreeing with other physicians, i would not endorse the use of any specific medication on a medical website. It would be best for you to see your doctor, preferably an allergist, to determine what you are allergic to, as well as to determine if asthma is also a problem. 70% of asthma is allergy-induced.
Yes. If you are only getting these symptoms when breathing hard while outside, you've already done a lot of the work of diagnosing your environmental allergies for us! start with a once-daily antihistamine like cetirizine. I would recommend taking it at dinnertime, especially if you typically run in the mornings. You may also have exercise-induced asthma. If antihistamine doesn't work, see doc 4 eval.