(how) can coconut oil replace butter and cooking oil for a better health if you also use olive oil, meat and fish? What are proper amounts?

Mediterranean diet. There are a lot of claims with regard to coconut oil, most of the unsubstantiated. The healthiest diet so far, proven to reduce heart disease in many patients, is the mediterranean diet. It relies on liberal use of extra virgin olive oil, vinegar ( low glycemic index, promotes full stomach sensation), fruits, grains, and moderate wine consumption. Canola oil can also be used, in small amounts.
Think it through. You might want to think this through. Coconut oil has the highest saturated fat content of all oils. One tablespoon of coconut oil contains more than 13 grams of fat. This could seriously impact your cholesterol levels. It's primary benefits are moisturizing hair and skin as well as having some anti-microbial quantities.