Is buspirone going to age me and is it bad for my health?

No. It should not age you or be bad for your health if it is correctly prescribed for an accurate diagnosis of anxiety disorder. It is a safe anti-anxiety medication. In any case, if you have doubts and concerns about it, please talk to the doctor who prescribed it 2 u , that the best thing you can do. S/he knows u & will answer ur questions. Best wishes.
No and No. Buspirone is prescribed for anxiety. It takes at least 7-10 days of consistent dosing for effect -- can be longer in some. It is not habit forming. There are non-pharmaceutical ways to deal with anxiety also; consult with a therapist about this. Talk with your doctor about your concerns about medication. If it helps calm your anxiety & isn't addictive, it should help, not harm, your health.
No association with . Buspirone has a very low side effect profile. It is used in some instances for individuals with chronic anxiety. It is not associated with any alteration in aging.
No. No evidence that Buspirone ages anyone. Whether a medicine is indicated is a question to be discussed with your prescriber. All medications have risks, benefits and alternatives.