What are some causes of numbness in arms and hands?

Multiple causes. There are multiple causes, ranging from carpal tunnel syndrome to cervical spine disease to metabolic issues such as diabetes mellitus and thyroid trouble. Your pcp and/or a neurologist can help to narrow down the possibilities and guide treatment.

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Can anxiety cause numbness in arms and hands?

Yes. Anxiety can cause symptoms in nearly every organ system. Numbness in arms and hands can come from hyperventilating when anxious. If you're having repeated spells like this, please see your physician for evaluation and treatment.

What could cause bouts of hand and arm numbness and loss of muscle control?

Numbness arm & hand. What you're experiencing indicates a nerve problem arising from compression or impingment arising either in your armpit or up in the neck. Consult a neurologist.
Impingements. Intermittent nerve compression can cause. Pinching occurs at costoclavicular dimension, true thoracic outlet. Raising arm unconsciously during sleep causes this space to close by a few millimeters, pinching main nerve ; artery to arm. Ulnar parasthesias (crawly tingling feelings) occur in pinky side of hand. This dynamic is called thoracic outlet syndrome (tos). See my discussion at quora. Com.
Periodic nerve comp. Most commonly at wrist (carpal tunnel), but could be at elbow (cubital tunnel), shoulder (thoracic outlet). If worse with arm elevated, points to tos, but better with arm elevated, points to neck.

Cause of Rt arm numbness for a week; & now complete loss of feeling in Rt hand? (Past Diag: Cervical Spurs Deforming Spinal Cord, Denervation, Chiari)

Send us a question. There is no question submitted, but just a statement. If a person already has a chronic neurological problem, then symptoms may not be as urgent... but the person should contact her neurologist. If one has new, unexpected neurological symptoms, then one can be evaluated at an emergency room, unless her neurologist is available at the same time. Please submit a question; ask what you wish to know.
Can be related to- -all the above. You need to be followed by a neurologist or spine surgeon. Without hands on eval as well as review of images, one could not even give a good guess as to the cause.

Constant severe numbness in arms, hands, leg, feet, etc. What could this be?

Need More Details. Have you had any back injury? Could be a pinched nerve or poor circulation see you pcp as soon as possible!

Saw Dr for severe pain numbness in arms & hands, he said I have muscles spasms use heat and they'll get better. Heat's making it worse. What can I do?

Get another opinion. Your symptoms sound like they are more related to your neck, possibly a pinched nerve or irritation. Could be carpal tunnel or other non-muscular problem. I would get a second opinion or ask for referral to a specialist--like a neurologist.

Tinglings, numbness in arms. Fatigue and dizzyness. Hands pronation in mingazzini1, asymmetrical smile, abnormal"tandem gait"are pathologic due to obesity?

No. What you are describing certainly is not related to obesity alone and is definitely not normal. You need to see a neurologist as soon as possible and probably an MRI of the brain among other tests to establish the diagnosis.