I have irregular heart beats when having sex or mastubating, is this normal?

Let's not say... Let's not say "normal..." but rather let's say likely not dangerous. Sex releases adrenaline which can cause extra heartbeats called pacs and pvcs which you may feel. It can also cause certain other rhythms. A cardiologist or electrophysiologist can set you up with something called a holter monitor or event monitor you can wear at home. Masturbate with it on and you'll have your answer.

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When I have irregular heart beats I perform chest compressions on my self then the heart returns back to beating normal. Is it safe what I'm doing?

Possibly. But you should definitely see a cardiologist asap and find out what these irregular rhythms are due to. They may be correctable and also have the potential to become worse and very dangerous. Go now.
Don't bother. You're not going to harm yourself and don't need to be doing this. Ithese happen to everyone and dangerous ones can be recognized. I'm going to assume these are not associated with pain and do not take your breath away. If your heart does more than five flipflops per minute, cut down on your coffee intake; if this doesn't work, get with your physician about a possible holter monitor day.
Needs evaluation. Any irregular heart beat needs evaluation by your doctor or a cardoiologist. You are only 16 years old and you say you have irregular heart beats which is very very unusual unless you have underlying heart condition. I will recommend you ask your patents to fake you to your pediatrician to find out if you really have irregularity in your herat rhythm. But do not do any chest compressions till then.
Arrhythmia. Don't do any experiment on yourself. You are only 16, need to know whether this is real with significance. See your pediatrician, he may do an ekg, refer you to a cardiologist who might think of doing 24 hour halter monitoring if needed.
Huh? Have heard of self -performed cough-induced cardiac compression & self-performed chest thump (neither of which I am suggesting that you do). However, I haven't heard of someone doing self -performed chest compressions. If you are having irregular heart rate then this should be evaluated by your physician or a cardiologist. Would discourage you from engaging in this activity unless you are >>.

I get irregular heart beats is that normal?

Palpitations. These are caused by many things. Stress, excitement, irritants both physical and chemical, pressure like a hiatal hernia or esophageal push or pull, and primary heart things, the causes are very many in number.

Do I have an abnormal heart rhythm? I have been having irregular heart beats, whenever I stand up my heartbeat fastens. Is my heart normal?

It. It is normal for the heart rate to speed up some when you stand up, particularly if you stand up quickly. If the increase in rate is dramatic, this might indicate that you are dehydrated or perhaps have another medical condition. When you stand up, the cardiovascular system must compensate against gravity to maintain adequate blood flow to the brain. This is partially achieved by increasing the heart rate. When you are dehydrated, there is less total blood volume in your blood vessels so your heart has to pump even more quickly and so you might be more aware of you rapid heart rate then. Try increasing your fluid intake, but if the symptom persists go ahead and see your doctor.
Good question. When anyone stands up, their heart rate quickens - that part is normal. Regarding your irregular heart beat: the most important factor in determining if it's dangerous to you or not is whether or not your heart is normal. So your question is right at the "heart" of the matter! You need an evaluation with history, exam, ekg, echo, blood work, and possibly a stress test.

I'm experiencing irregular heart beats on a daily basis. My heart will start to race and "half pump" for 5-10 seconds and then one long slow pump will happen before going back to normal causing a small wave of euphoria. Any thoughts?

Heartbeat. Irregular heartbeats need to be looked at by your doctor ASAP. Please see doc or go to emergency room. They can lead to a medical emergency if not treated. Peace and good health. Treatment is available.
Consultation. With cardiologist is your best option You need EKG and likely 24 hour monitoring of your heart beat.

Iam 30years old, pregnant, developed episodes of strong irregular heart beats lasting for few minutes, ECG normal, can not catch these beats, I drink cof?

Palpitations. The first thing to do is to stop all items that have caffeine in them. If symptoms continue see your regular doctor and see if he or she thinks that a 24 hr holter is in order. Also have your thyroid checked.

Can sinus issues like not being able to breathe through nose and ear infections cause me to have irregular heart beats when trying to exercise?

Irregular heart beat. Irregular heart beat can be due cardiac arrhythmia which can be aggravated by exercise or fever if you're having a sinus or an ear infection, an EKG would show these problems, you need to see your 1ry care physician or a cardiologist. Having stuffy nose with sinus problem is very common because allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, ear infections & conjunctivitis can all go together. Good luck.

Why do I get irregular heart beats when I lie down?

Premature beats. Are you sure you only get irregular beats when you're lying down or is it that you're unaware of them when you're active? Wearing an ambulatory (holter) monitor for 24 hours would give you precise information about your heart rhythm. Avoid caffeine, nicotine, chocolate and alcohol if you're having frequent premature beats which make you feel like the heart is skipping. Check for an overactive thyroid.

Can I have irregular heart beats and tiredness while adding to my cipralex dossage? Dr incr dossage from 20mg to 30mg

Arrhythmia. You can have an irregular heart beat or arrhythmia due to many causes. It is unlikely that such a low dose of escitalopram will cause it but your arrhythmia can worsen at any time. When starting a psychiatric treatment, it is best to request an EKG and full blood work to rule out medical causes of psychiatric illness like thyroid disease, which can also cause arrhythmia. Please seek advise.

What can cause me to have irregular heart beats?

Normal. Everybody has a few of these from time to time. If you often have more than five in a minute when you're not loaded with caffeine, it's worth talking about with your physician. If they take away your breath, make you faint, or are accompanied with pain, it's more worrisome. Good luck.