Recurring oral thrush nyatatin cures it then it just returns hard palate worste affected really bad in morning scrape away red patches underneath.?

Recurrence. I don't like hearing of thrush recurring in adults. I would encourage you to seek medial attention to make sure that it is in fact thrush and that there is not an underlying medical concern that is causing this to recur. Specifically evaluate your immune status.
Profession eval. . This can be a sign of a serious immunodeficiency or possibly a reaction to a medication like orally-inhaled steroids. If you wear a removable upper prosthesis it could be related as well. A comprehensive medical & dental evaluation is recommended.
Candida overgrowth. Oral thrush is handled well with Nystatin medication which is an antifungal. But treating the underlying cause is more helpful- cut out your carbohydrates. Yeast loves carbohydrates (ie, bread, processed foods, sweet fruits, refined sugars. Alcohol). I know it's hard but that will help get it under control faster.