Can exon skipping or stem cell therapy helpful in duchccne muscular dystrophy?

Perhaps in future. Unfortunately, not available yet, but muscular dystrophy association is well financed thanks to jerry lewis, and research is advancing steadily. Stay tuned.

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Is it possible that stem cell created from umbilical cord blood can help muscular dystrophy?

Possibly. Umbilical cord stem cells can turn into muscle cells under test tube conditions, and in animal models of muscular dystrophy (md) have been shown to improve function, increase strength, and reduce the high levels of muscle enzymes seen in md patients. There have also been rare case reports of positive effects in young boys with md. Clinical trials are currently underway in china and india. Read more...

How does stem cell treatment work in muscular dystrophy?

Stem cells. Scientists are investigating whether introducing stem cells which have the potential to turn into many different types of cells into dystrophic muscle could repopulate deteriorating muscle with normal muscle cells and slow the breakdown of abnormal muscle cells. Read more...