Help, my 2yr old daughter soon to b 3 on may, does not eat, she always eat avena, farina, bread, but not rice, meat, chicken, pasta, mashpot, im depre?

Give a balanced diet. With picky eaters, it's important to ensure a balanced diet. First, go thru fridge and cabinets & get rid of all junk food. If all that's given to her is healthy, she'll eventually eat some. Your child may need to try one particular food 18 times on 18 different days before accepting it, so don't give up! sometimes, giving the food in different forms, or mixed with other foods, helps.
This too shall pass. First of all know that you are not alone. Often despite best efforts of even those of us who are trained, transiently a child may be a finicky eater. We often say most normal children won't starve themselves.So when they can resist no longer, offer healthy balanced options. Lastly to bridge the gap, use approved nutritional supplements. Importantly, remember to make mealtime fun and not stressful.