Feet swelling swollen feet?

Many causes. Many causes of foot swelling. Without knowing your medical history it is impossible to say what's going on in your case. If it persists get it checked out.
Swelling. As stated , there are many causes for this. See your podiatrist or internist for an evaluation.

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Swelling in upper abdomen headaches and swollen feet?

Heart failure. The upper abdominal swelling, swollen feet and headache could all be related. It merits a careful medical examination. Hypertension, if it exists, can cause headaches and heart failure; the heart failure can cause a congested (swollen) liver and edema (swelling) of ones feet. Usually, one tries to explain multiple symptoms with as few causes as possible. Read more...

Allergic to birth control? Realized my foot swelling started when I started BC. Tried several kinds, all makes my foot swell... allergy to estrogen?

No . You are NOT ALLERGIC to estrogen as this is a basic hormone in every female. You might be allergic to a filler or dye placed in the oral contraceptive. May not be an allergy at all but due to the mineralocorticoid effect of the progesterone component of the oral contraceptive. Sounds like you need the team-work of a gynecologist and allergist. Read more...

How can I alleviate my foot swelling?

Depends why . You have it...I.E trauma, infection, venous insufficency, hypertenton, poor kidney function, side effect of medicine, too much salt intake etc... Read more...