What is endometrioma? Is that cancerous? What does having a chocolate cyst on the left ovary mean?

Benign. Endometrioma refers to a benign cyst that forms in the ovary when a piece of endometrial (uterine) tissue attaches to the ovary. Because the endometrial tissue inside the cyst responds to monthly hormones it bleeds and fills the cyst with unclotted blood. They are also referred to as 'chocolate cysts' because the dark old blood inside the cyst grossly resembles chocolate.
Not cancer. Endometriosis is a common problem in women when benign endometrial tissue can be found elsewhere. It can cause bleeding, pain, scarring, etc. When endometriosis forms a cystic mass (such as in the ovary) it is referred to as an endometrioma. A chocolate cyst is just a synonym that sounds "less medical" and refers to the (perhaps) "chocolatey" appearance of the cyst contents.

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One of my friend has chocolate cyst. Her right ovary show à endometrioma of 51×28mm & left ovary show endometriomà of 27×24 mm. Is she need surgery?

Not best focus & not. possible to say. Surgery a treatment for symptoms/complications of advanced disease & involves chances of additional problems. How about focusing on drivers of polycystic ovarian disease, the bigger issue, which is low-fat foods (common among Indian foods, partly because less expensive). LFHC foods drive this, Diabetes, cardiovascular Ds, cancer, obesity, etc. Switch to LCHF foods; vastly better. Read more...

What is a complex cystic lesion in left ovary that may represent a haemorrhagic cyst or endometrioma?

Complex Cyst. A simple cyst appears "clear" on radiographic studies, therefore a complex cyst is anything else. They can appear to be filled with blood, have separations inside or appear different in 2 or more areas. Radiographic studies are no 100% diagnostic, so make sure you review with your doctor. Hemorrhagic means containing blood. Endometrioma can mean containing blood or uterine tissue. Read more...

27cm septated ovarian cyst in right ovary with possible endometrioma part to it and 4cm functional cyst in left ovary got some symptoms of ov/ca help?

More info needed. It would be helpful to know your age. A 27cm ovarian cyst has a low chance of being cancer in a young women in her 20s; however, in an women in her 60s it would be very worrisome for cancer. No matter what your age, you should have it surgically removed. You might consider seeing a Gyn Oncologist for this surgery as they are the most qualified to perform the surgery on ovarian cancers. Read more...