How can I deal with toe nail fungus?

Difficultly! Be sure your doctor knows your preference for stitches before you head into the operating room.-------dp: as is stated, this is possible. Sometimes there are preferences and sometimes they cannot be honored. Surgeons need to do what they do and think best. Certainly you should discuss this with your surgeon and get his/her opinion and see if they are willing to honor it.
Nail fungus. I usually do the patient's 4 options for treating nail fungus. #1 topical creams and nail polish #2 removal of the nail #3 oral medication which may affect the liver and the patient should be aware of this #4 laser nail treatment.
See a doctor. You need to be examined and have a sample of the toenail analyzed to make sure it is a fungus. After that there are many topical medications, or oral medications, or laser treatment.