What is a normal prolactin level? I'm having trouble conceiving and my level is 29. Is this high?

Depends. Normal prolactin level depends on which assay is used and may thus differ from one laboratory to another. Prolactin level is also affected by a variety of factors (e.g. Time of day, time after meal, part of menstrual cycle, pregnancy, stimulation of nipples, medications currently taking, etc.). While prolactin of 29 does not appear to be significantly elevated, best to discuss with your doctor.
It depends. There are many women who may test slightly high for prolactin and still have children naturally. I'd begin by exploring what all the other possibilities are that might be harming your fertility. If nothing else is found, then perhaps it would be worth treating the prolactin, but that certainly would not be the first are to address. By the way, has your test been repeated? Consistently elevated?