Severe pain from mid spine up thru eye. Stiff and swollen neck. Trembling & spasmatic muscle. Disorientated and severe headache, have cellulitis on face. Temp is only 97.3 tho. Scared, what is wrong?

Not sure. Need to go to your primary doc or the emergency room and be evaluated asap.
Go to ER. If you haven't already been seen, i would go to the er and be evaluated for these symptoms.
Complex question. A 31 yo women with hx of preeclampsia with a severe headache, disoriented and 'cellulitis of the face' but without fever plus the pain from mid-spine to eyes of undescribed duration and unknown history of recent trauma such as a strain, fall or near fall; exposure to illness or recent travel leaves too many questions. The answer is to see a doctor urgently if this is new onset and progressing!