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Hi I am 20 weeks and I am find myself very itchy all the time it has started on my hands and feet what can I do about it?

One easy and safe. Thing to try is a non-sedating antihistamine. If from hives, it can be figured out less than 50% of the time? Good Luck.
Benadryl (diphenhydramine) this can be dermatitis of pregnancy and can be quite annoying and can spread to your body as well. Talk it over with your OB there are meds that help with the symptoms.
Medications, See OB. There are medications to help with this but first you must see your OB. Certain liver problems need to be eliminated as a cause, then you can be sure that simple medication will not be masking a more serious problems. Topical medications may be usefull. See: http://www. Birth. Com. Au/skin-hair-and-nails/skin-rashes-itchy-skin#.U9qrwfldUvM for more info.

Blistery rash, red & swollen all over hands. Starting to spread up wrists & on feet. Very itchy. Is it an allergic reaction?

Allergic reaction. It sounds like it. YOu may need some medicine for this asap. See a doctor or perform a virtual consult. A picture would help as well.
Likely, yes! Try benadryl (diphenhydramine) and hydrocortisone ointments but be prepared to get to an ER if the spreading continues and threatens breathing. Or if you have sudden diarrhea or more swelling. Extreme hives can be like a forest fire flare up. Consider having a epipen for emergencies if this has ever happened before. Best!
Not likely. See a dermatologist. Indicate that it is urgent. Do not fool around. You need immediate attention.

My hands and feet have been very itchy and swollen its frustrating... Due to so much itching my hands tingle and burn also my feet after scratching?

Hard to know. Hard w/out exam. Could be eczema, or given the pattern, a more "exotic" autoimmune disorder. Something trigger this? New? Recurrent? Joint pain? Fingernails changing? Hair loss? New meds/ foods/ pets/ soaps? Temp fix: hypoallergenic soap+water, spray w/ peroxide, mix & apply cortisone & neosporin ointment, cover w/ cotton gloves & socks. OTC Benadryl (diphenhydramine). Get exam, labs, Rx for Betamethasone + Atarax.

Very Itchy and tingly hands and feet, no rash or redness. Have no history of allergies. Started 3 days ago. Usually starts after eating. Why is this?

Need more info. Chances are that you have an allergy to something you are eating. It could be anything and sometimes hard to just guess the answer. The best thing to do is ask your family physician to recommend a referral to an allergist who will do testing to find the answer.