My son has pain top of his head to button of jaw on right side of head his gums are swollen n teeth pain he can't bear the pain?

Depends. Could be any number of things. Your son needs to see a dentist for a complete exam, diagnosis and treatment of his problem.
Wisdom teeth. If he still have his wisdom teeth have him go see an oral surgeon right away. Treat infections right away.
Family practice. Get him into your dr or dentist right away. There is a serious infection of the teeth or gums.
See a dentist. Sounds like it could be a tooth or gingival abscess. He should see a dentist asap.

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For last 2 weaks I feel teeth pain at the left side end up and down teeth. Then the pain will mooves to my left ear and left side of head?

A few thoughts... Could be related to TMJ, sinuses, wisdom teeth, grinding, or a deep cavity. With so many possibilities, you'll need to be evaluated by a local dentist. Please call for an appointment.