I have herniated discs at t10-t12 and l4-l5.And a herniated disc at s1 which is encroaching s1 nerve root. Can it get better? Its been 6 yrs

May recede. Herniated discs may or may not recede over time. Their presence on MRI does not indicate that they are causing signs or symptoms. The significance requires correlation with history and examination.
Most back and disc. Problems are managed non operatively with lifestyle changes such as weight control, regular exercise and avoiding smoking. Treatment can include: medication, pt, injections, back supports, activity modifications and for the 10% who do not improve, surgery may be an option if indicated and desired by the patient based on the degree of symptoms and impact on their life.
Degeneration. Believe it or not, herniated discs are frequently not a problem at all, just incidental findings seen on mri. In most cases they absolutely don't need to be "treated" or "get better, " unless they are badly pinching a nerve and causing bad shooting pains. Usually, herniated discs are simply a sign of degeneration (aging), and treatment consists of basic exercise, increased activity, diet, etc.