Is there usually a period of non-weight bearing after ankle arthroscopy if bone spurs are removed from leg bones? No-microfracture of talus.

As comfort dictates. There is no specific reason that you can not put weight after arthroscopic spur removal. Weight bearing a tolerated usually is your status. Keep the ankle elevated higher than your heart for first few days to decrease swelling. It will hurt to walk on it initially so walkonit if you like to suffer, . As usual it is best to follow the protocol of your surgeon who did it, theyknow the situation best.
No . Motion and ambulation are usually immediate.
Short Recovery. What's great about ankle arthroscopic surgeries is the fact that the patient can usually partial weight bear immediately depending upon the level of pain and discomfort. I tell my patients 'you can't lose with this procedure'. It started as a diagnostic procedure 25 years ago, but now has a plethora of instruments to choose from to remove, repair, and correct most of what pathology you find.
Talus. Depending on the scope of the procedure and extent of debridement a short period of non weight bearing may be indicated. This will vary from surgeon to surgeon and case to case. Certainly with a microfracture of a talar ocd lesion will require at least 4 weeks of non weight bearing and possible up to 6 weeks.