Is sleep myoclonus serious enough to see any sort of physician or nuerologist?

Maybe. Sleep myoclonus is an outdated term. Jerking movement during sleep can be caused by periodic limb movements of sleep (plms), sleep apnea, or a neurologic condition. If you don't feel rested by sleep, then it is serious enough to get evaluated by a physician.
Sleep myoclonus. This can be very disruptive to person's sleep but also to the bed partner. Treatment is often very helpful. In some situations, removal of a medication or issue that is contributing is all that may be needed.

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5yo child diagnosed with sleep myoclonus, sleep is interrupted, what r essential blood tests required to see wat medical conditions could b causing it?

????????? Sleep myoclonus is a normal variant seen occasionally. There is no "blood test" to verify or exclude it. The most aggressive investigation that might confirm or exclude it would be a video-EEG with the patients events recorded for clinical review. I would only pursue that if their were concerns for Rholandic epilepsy or similar problem. Read more...