What does it mean when your head itches and you don't have lice/dry scalp or dandruff?

Itch. Itching scalp could be due to all the causes you listed, but it also could be due to a fungal infection. The type of shampoo you use can also cause this so i recommend switching to a hypoallergenic product if you haven't already. Also stress can sometime result in somatic symptoms such as itchiness, see your doctor soon to find the cause and get relief.

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My son continuously itches his hair and head especially when he sweats. He has no lice and no dandruff. What might be causing it?

Possible Fungus. Of the 5 common causes for itchy scalp (Seborrhea (dandruf), Psoriasis (inflammation), Fungus (ring worm), Head Lice, and Allergy), Fungal seems most likely. Try using an Anti-fungal shampoo or scalp cream. The pharmacist should be able to point out one that is safe for your son's age. Follow the directions on the shampoo. If this does not help, you should have his scalp examined. Hope this helps! Read more...