Can people be addicted to sugar? I feel like I am. If we run out of sweets, I almost panic (not that bad really).How can istop this before it stops me?

Absolutely. Concentrated carbs release endorphins and dopamine. This sets the stage for withdrawal, abnormal learning, triggers and loss of control.
In a way. People can develop what is very much like an addiction to certain foods, and carbs are notorious. You get through it like any other addict. You decide it's time to quit. You get rid of it all. You tough out the withdrawal symptoms even though it stinks. And once you're "sober", you don't go back.
Sugar high. Berger et at. 2012 showed that frequent consumption of ice cream, independent of body fat, is related to affecting the brain areas of reward paralleling the tolerance observed in drug addiction. The pleasure chemical of brain is called dopamine. These finding suggest that excess sugar eating can affect this brain chemical. Self pleasure has to find a balnance so yes moderation is important.