How can I reduce bad cholesterol?

Reducing LDL. Mediterranean diet, weight loss, exercise, cut out prepared foods, more vegetables and fruits.
Cholesterol=Not Bad, but having other than low concentrations of Low Density Lipoprotein particles, LDL-P, is unhealthy & drives artery disease as 1st published 1950: https://goo. Gl/QMpZiI. Carbohydrate foods drive ↑ LDL-P, obesity, DM & Ca. Hi saturated fats do not (despite Ancel Keys http://goo. Gl/xWUg3r & US gov promotion https://goo. Gl/JJtM3y) Study: LCHF, DietDoctor. Com & http://goo. Gl/k8x9LF for better insight.
Lots of fiber. Fiber works, also avoid foods w lots of starch and sugar. Can try fish oil. Dha-epa 720 on drsamaan. Meta-ehealth. Com.