I had a wisdom tooth removed and now submandibular salivary gland is swollen. Is this normal?

Probably not. My first question is whether it is your submandibular gland or a lymph node that is swollen because they are two different things. If it is your gland then you may have a blockage or an infection. If it is your lymph node you probably have an infection. In either case you need to see your oral surgeon and have him take a look at things to see if you need to be on antibiotics.
Rule out infection. Most likely unrelated to the wisdom tooth extraction. Submandibular salivary glands can swell due to a damaged duct or salivary stone but the area of the duct should not be disturbed by wisdom tooth extraction. A stone is just bad luck not caused by extractions. However swelling below the tongue soon after extraction should be checked for infection and could be serious. Get it checked.

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Should you be able to feel your submandibular salivary gland? If so, what does it feel like AND how large is it?

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