2 days after wisdom tooth extraction and I still can't chew anything. Is this normal?

Possibly. Swelling and muscle soreness can be profound after this surgery, especially if the impactions were severe. Talk to your surgeon if things don't seem right. But you probably just need some time.
Extractions. If it was an impacted tooth it is not unusual. If it was a simple extraction it is unusual. Contact your dentist.
Trismus. That's not the norm but it can happens, it appears that you may have a trismus , muscle spasm due to the extractions, warm pads will help with the use of anti inflammatory such as Motrin , cheering gum can help your case.
Not unreasonable. Post operative swelling is expected after extraction. This may be worse if bone needed to to removed or if the mouth was opened very wide throuout the surgery. Talk with your dr. He may prescribe some meds.