I got my wisdom teeth pulled about a month ago and my left cheek is still slightly swollen! Why is this?

See your dentist. You didnt say if there was any pain. In the abscence of pain ther should not be any swelling. A consult is indicated.
Don't Know. If you believe the swelling has something to do with the extraction of the widsom teeth (3rd molars), schedule an appointment with oral surgeon who performed the proceedure to remove the widsom teeth. He/she can evaluate the situation and make the appropriate determination/etiogloy of the situation.

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Swelling of left cheek after bell's palsy. There's just 1 white spot dentist saw & said not an abscess. He wants wisdom teeth pulled? Are They linked

DOUBTFUL BUT... I don't think they are linked, but if in doubt, I would get a second opinion.
Trust Dentist. If he says no, then it's most assuredly no. Can't tell over computer what's happening. Your Dentist has the advantage of completing a physical exam. Go with it.
2 separate problems. 1. Bell's palsy is a neurologic weakness and has nothing to do with your swelling of the left cheek. 2. There is a dental infection. This infection will not resolve on its own with home care. See your dentist again for x-rays and investigation. Take care.
No. No link between wisdom tooth, bells palsy and white spot. Now the need for the wisdom tooth extraction and swelling in that area can so I would have it evaluated for risk and need of extraction.

Got my wisdom teeth pulled 6/20/14, I've noticed a large abscess on my cheek need the surgical site, is this normal?

Not Normal! An abscess as you describe is anything but normal! You need to call your oral surgeon or dentist immediately as it is potentially life threatening! If you are unable to make contact and you are feverish, have difficulty swallowing, actively draining pus, consider a visit to a hospital ER. Act quickly and good luck!
Abscess or Swelling? As I am answering 3 days after your surgery, the question is whether you have an abscess or postop swelling. Postop swelling will usually reach its max at 3 days postop, which is where you are. An abscess is a clinical finding associated with purulent exudate. The best advice would be for you to contact your dentist/surgeon for advice and any treatment as indicated.

Upper wisdom teeth pulled. 5 days after started having tongue tingles and twitches. (whole face has been swollen and numb til then)?

What is the question. If your face was swollen and numb before the extractions then that should have started to heal after the extractions. If you got swelling after the extractions then I would contact the oral surgeon that extracted the teeth. If you did not see an oral surgeon then contact the dentist and good luck.
Post op symptoms. Historically wisdom tooth extractions, have been associated with a period facial swelling and tingling in tongue and lip. If there is an infection associated with the tooth prior to the extraction, an appropiate antibiotic is usually prescribed ahead of time and for a period therafter. Pain management can be handle with a mild narcotic to help sleep. Pain and adverse signs need a follow-up appt.

My son, age 25 had impacted wisdom teeth pulled 9 years ago. We just learned he still has a piece of tooth left behind. No pain. Is this dangerous?

Consult your Dentist. It is not dangerous but I will advice you consult your dentist.
No problem. It does happen sometimes for a dentist to leave a fragment of tooth behind. In certain situation (very close to the major nerve trunk) it is better to leave it than to dig around. It is a possibility that the fragment eventually makes it's way out or just stay in the body for good.