What is the best remedy or cure for excessive sweating? Arm pits, hands and feet

Hyperhidrosis. You most likely have hyperhidrosis which is a condition where people gets excessive sweating in the head, armpits, hands and feet. The treatment is: antiperspirant, oral medications, iotophoresis (electrical shocking of the sweat glands- very easy to do) and Botox injection (very effective but temporary). For more info go to:: http://www. Sweathelp. Org/english/ good luck.
A few. Are antipersperants, muscle relaxants like rubinol, Botox injections (ouch, many injections are needed.) and for excessive cases there is a surgical procedure that can be performed. I don't really think there is a "best" this isa difficult problem to deal with.

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I'm 16 years old boy. I'm suffering from excessive sweating in my hands, feet and armpit since my childhood in every season.

Hyperhidrosis. You have Hyperhidrosis. There are multiple causes but most can not be found. If you have not already, seek help from your doctor. I would suggest starting with prescription strength Antiperspirants and wearing loose clothes to allow air to flow around your skin.