I was diagnosed with thrombocytopenia. Lately, I've been having several bloody noses, however, the blood only comes from the right nostril. What is it?

Superficial vessels . Most nose bleeds come from superficial vessels. It's possible the side you are bleeding from has a deviation causing asymmetric air flow leading to drying and irritation. Even in the absence of thrombocytopenia bleeding can occur.
Nose bleeding. Yes, i agree with dr. Astrachan, most likely is due to some fragile blood vessels on the right nostril or deviated septum etc. See an ent. Also, you will need to see a pcp and perhaps a hematologist to evaluate thrombocytopenia especially if thrombocytopenia is moderate/ severe.Need to find the cause so treatment can be given if indicated. Avoid trauma, humidifier may help prevent nose bleeding.

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I am often getting more bloody noses. However, I only bleed from the right nostril. I also have thrombocytopenia. Shouild I see my pcp or hematologist?

ENT. Go to an ENT doctor. You probably have a bleeding site on your septum that can easily be cauterized. Read more...
Two issues. I recommend you to go to see your ENT for nose bleeding- to evaluate your right nostril- perhaps some fragile blood vessels/anatomical abnormality etc. Now, for your thrombocytopenia, start with pcp. If your pcp thinks that your case is more complex, then you will need to see a hematologist to sort it out. Hope it helps. Read more...