Can you have so little bone left that prevents you from wearing dentures?

Yes. Cases with severe bone loss are usually referred to a prosthodontist. They may require implants or bone graft surgery before the dentures are fabricted, in order to achieve an acceptible result.
Yes. Your answer may be to use 4-6 mini implants in the upper and/or lower jaw for the denture to snap onto.
Yes! There is no way to predict how much an individual's jaw bone will erode after the teeth are extracted. In more than one instance in my 30 years of practice, I have seen individuals with such narrow, small lower ridges on their jaw bone or flattened uppers, that NO denture would be able to create suction, function or be comfortable! There are procedures to help place implants. Consider ur options!
Yes. Yes you can. This is a good reason to consider dental implants before you lose bone because dental implants maintain bone in the areas they are placed.
Yes, it is possible. Approximately 40% of your jawbone structure will be gone after wearing your dentures for just six months. Once the structure of your jawbone is gone, your options for tooth replacement become very limited. Dental implants can stop bone loss and are permanent tooth replacement solutions. Call your dentist for more information.
Yes. Bone loss is a natural reaction after teeth are extracted. Some patients lose more bone than others. Usually, the areas that preserve the bone the best are those where muscles attachments a present. A good alternative is to get bone grafts and place implants in order to improve retention.
Bone loss. If you lost your teeth at a young age there can be a huge amount of bone loss over time. If is at the stage where the stability of dentures cannot be maintained it may be time to see an oral surgeon to see if you are a candidate for bone grafting in order to build on the bone you have left. Good luck!
Yes. See your prosthodontist for an examination, evaluation and your options. At 33 you cannot afford to wait. They are the experts in this treatment. You may have enough bone to place implants and help preserve the remaining bone as well as support a fixed set of teeth. Do not wait. Good luck.
Yes. Yes it is possible, but i would recommend that you see a prosthodontist as they have special advanced training and may still be able to fabricate one for you, while some general dentists may not want to attempt it. You may also be a candidate for dental implants. See a prosthodontist and discuss your options.