Max sinus due to deviated septum and concha bullosa. I also have facial pain. Infected?

Maybe, maybe not. The deviated septum and concha bullosa could increase the risk of a maxillary sinus infection. Other than facial pain, you should also have colored nasal drainage and nasal congestion greater than 10 days to make the diagnosis of a bacterial sinus infection. Or if you had these symptoms, became better and then worsened, then you would also have an infection.
Possibly. You can certainly get facial pain from sinusitis. There are other reasons also of course. Get the sinus successfully treated by ENT doc. If facial pain persists, and ENT doc cannot figure it out, see TMJ-orofacial pain specialist.
Sounds congested. Or obstructed which can lead to an infected if untreated. You may want to first try decongesting with saline nasal spray or a neti pot. Medical decongestants and anti-histamines may also help. If the quality of the drainage should become bloody or purulent, you may want to see a physician for antibiotic therapy.

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Dizziness and sore right sinuses when I press on them. I have a deviated septum and concha bullosa, can fluid in sinus causing dizziness?

Sick sinus syndrome. Intermittent symptoms are: fatigue, dizziness or lightheadedness, confusion or short term amnesia, shortness of breath. To support this diagnosis the connection between your symptoms and an abnormal heart rhythm should be established. Rec.: see your physician to identify the problem. Read more...
Maybe. Deviated septum and concha bullosa may predispose you to sinus infections. Pressure and soreness overlying your sinuses may be a symptom. Dizziness may or may not be related. See your doctor to be sure. If you have frequent infections due to your septum and concha, you may want to see an ent. Read more...