What is the cause of pain in my collar bone and numbness in both arms?

Numbness = nerves. Numbness is mostly caused by nerve problems, and in this case it is typically coming from the neck. Both sides means stenosis(narrowing) instead of herniated disc. Have your neck checked by orthopedic or neuro surgery. May need MRI or ncs/emg. Don't ignore. Constant symptoms are worse and may indicate tumor or infection.
possible TOS. Numbness in the arms raised the question of neck of neck injury and possible thoracic outlet syndrome. Cervical ribs or neck injuries lead to these symptoms. If you have either, consult your primary care doctor.

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Once or twice a day I have sharp pain in my my right collar bone area and my right arm goes numb and tingles down to my fingers?

Radiculopathy. Cervical radiculopathy is a common syndrome of a "pinched nerve" in the cervical spine that causes pain in the arm all the way down to your hand. I would followup with your primary care physician to determine the next steps (physical therapy, mri, injection, or surgery as a last resort). Read more...