Is there any way to disguise dental fluorosis?

Can reduce them. If there are very superficial then they can be removed with a handpiece, if they are deeper then there is a techniques where they can be removed with certain procedures scrubbing the stains,,, if that does not work, then bonding can be done to cover up the stains.
Another option . Another option may be mioroabrasion which removes the outer layers of enamel. It really depends on the extent of the fluorosis. Microabrasion or whitening can help in mild cases but in more severe cases bonding or veneers may be a better option.
Several option. I would listen to options. Bleaching normally is not really that effective. You may need bonding, veneers, crowns etc. depending upon the severity. Get more than one opinion.
Yes: Microabrasion! A minimally invasive dental procedure called microabrasion uses a slurry of flour of pumice and a mild solution of hydrochloric acid to gently and painlessly remove the brown/gray stains of dental fluorosis. If your stains are white, then you can augment the effect with dental whitening afterward.
Whitening? You may consider whitening your teeth if the fluorisis is not too bad. It it is too severe you may wish to consider veneers to allow you to acquire a new appearance.