How can a ultrasound help when having abnormal periods and vaginal discharge?

See the ovaries. Ultrasounds visualize the internal structures (ovaries and uterus) with great detail. It will help rule-out things like cysts on the ovaries and fibroids in the uterus.
US. You can have a transabdominal or transvaginal ultrasound or even a more detailed test called a saline hysterogram. The last test takes a detailed look at the lining of the uterus and is excellent to see if the bleeding is related directly to endometrial abnormalities or the presence of polyps or fibrois.
Abnormal periods. Ultrasound and sonohysterogrophy can help determine if someone has a endometrial polyp or polycystic ovaries as well.

Related Questions

I ovulated on June 20 based on vaginal discharge. When can I start testing. My period are sometimes irregular. Ranging from 35-40 days?

Wives Tales. Following cervical or vaginal discharge is not in any way a reliable way to monitor any part of a menstrual cycle. But, you test the morning after the day your period is missed.
YOU OVULATE. 14 days before your period so @day 20-25. Cervical mucous is unreliable. Take a pregnancy test if you go over 40 days.

I am experiencing abnormal brown vaginal discharge for 3 weeks but no period yet?

Brown discharge. If you are "sexually active" and previous to the "3 weeks" have had regular menstrual periods, you may be pregnant. Get an HCG serum test for pregnancy, and see your healthcare provider. Sometimes at age 16, menstrual function is very irregular, which can cause the brown discharge you are reporting.

Irregular periods, thick dark brown vaginal discharge, followed by bright red mucus-like discharge, then dark brown again for 4 days now. What is it?

Probably normal. Dark brown discharge is just old blood. The first thing to rule out is always pregnancy. If that's negative then you probably have a hormone imbalance making your periods irregular.

What does it mean when you had brown, vaginal discharge that lasted 1 hour? I have pcos and my periods are irregular.

Brown discharge. Is old blood. It might mean your period is about to start soon or it could be just breakthrough bleeding.

Is it normal for clear, stretchy vaginal discharge to last a few hours and start again the next day if you have pcos and irregular periods?

Not unusual. In the setting of pcos and irregular periods, it is certain that at some point you will ovulate. When you ovulate, your experience this change in cervical discharge. Yes, it would be normal for it to be variable over the course of several days.