Can I know more about genital earts and herpes, the causes and treatment. Thanks.?

Yes. Warts are caused by hpv (human papilloma virus) and can cause thickened growths...Warts. These can be treated by freezing, applying medicines, or even cutting them out. Herpes is also a virus but causes painful blisters and ulcers. There are antiviral meds to help with herpes, but usually neither of these are completely "curable.".
Yes. Genital herpes and genital warts are sexually transmitted disease. Unprotected sexual intercourse with people carying the disease is the way of getting it. Herpes cannot be cured, Acyclovir and relatives of this drug are very succesfull in stoping the recurrences. Also genital warts cand be treated with different creams, or removed surgically.