What to do about swollen hands and feet?

See your doc. You are 24 Y.O. And this is not normal. We need to find out why, then we can treat.
See your physician. This could be due to high blood pressure, kidney disorders, heart problems, or poor valve function in your veins. I would recommend seeing your primary care physician first and getting a complete check up.

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What causes swollen hands and feet in the winter?

Circulation. During the cold weather, the body will try to reroute the circulation from the extremities (arms and legs) to the central chest cavity (heart, lungs, etc...) therefore the blood flow will be somewhat compromised to the hands and feet and thats why you will have swelling in your hands and feet. Read more...

What are potential causes and solutions to waking up with swollen hands and feet?

Inflamatory disease. Some potential causes could be an inflamatory or autoimmune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, reactive arthritis, less commmon gout.You need proper testing in order to make a proper diagnosis. Read more...