Sir my face is full of pimples so what I do to remove them?

A few options. For over the counter methods try using products that have benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, alcohol, and acetone. For prescription treatments you may be prescribed antibiotics, retinoids or vitamin a derivatives, azelaic acid, oral contraceptives, or spironolactone. Always ask a dermatologist about the possible affects and the risks vs benefits of each treatment. Make sure it's best for you.
Gently. Most people with acne try too hard. Scrubbing with antibacterial soaps and picking can worsen this. In fact, acne has infectious and inflammatory components. Your doctor should be able to prescribe an antibiotic (either pill or lotion), but will probably tell you to be gentler with your face. I find that short course of doxycycline, followed by continued use of clinda lotion works very well.